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"Once we launched our first ad we hit our first £4k month!"

— Sonny Thulung Rai, Martial Arts School Owner

📈 What We Do:

Martial Arts Marketing Agency will help you achieve the following in 90 days or less:

↑ Generate ideal and qualified leads, that are begging to join your service/ programme

↑ Analyse your sales process so you can convert more of what you have.

↑ Spend less (on marketing) and produce more (sales) with your business efforts

↑ Free you up, so you can spend more time with friends, and family and have the peace of mind that your marketing is converting and working 24/7

🤝 Who We Help:

We help Martial Arts Schools and Academies who are looking for growth, more clients, and impact. Schools and Academies that offer kids and adult classes/memberships for:

Muay Thai
Krav Maga

❤️ What Our Members (Martial Arts Business Owners) Say:

MMA Gym Owner Generates Over 250 Leads With First Martial Arts Marketing Agency Campaign

Tom Goulder, Stronger Fitness and Martial Arts, Wimbledon, UK

Krav Maga Business Owner Hits 11k In Sales In One Month With Martial Arts Marketing Agency

Sonny Thulung Rai, 123 Krav Maga, Bracknell, UK


Martial Arts School Goes From 70 To 160 Members In First 6 Weeks With Martial Arts Marketing Agency

Daniel Lucas, Twickenham Martial Arts College, Twickenham, UK


Family Karate Business Owner Gains 130 Leads In His First Campaign With Martial Arts Marketing Agency

Iain Mckinstry, Mckinstry Family Karate, Burscough, UK


200 Qualified Leads In Our First Campaign

Mani Johal, Fight City Gym, London, UK


Jiu Jitsu Business Owner Gets 20 New Sign Ups In His First Month With Martial Arts Marketing Agency

Mike Dorrian, Roger Gracie Academy, Salford, UK


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